Breathtaking natural paradises, diverse cultures, modern megametropolises - these are just some of the attractions that make Brazil so unique.

Starting with the classic highlights like Rio de Janeiro, the spectacular waterfalls of Iguacu and the baroque city Salvador da Bahia, the black heart of Brazil, up to the impressive dune landscape of the Lençois de Maranhenses. Another jewel of Brazil is Fernando de Noronha (UNESCO World Heritage), an archipelago of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean about 350 km east of the mainland. This pearl is blessed with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and a diverse flora and fauna. The Gaucholand in the deep south of Brazil is characterized by European immigrants and attracts with unrestrained nature and beautiful beaches in front of which the whales cavort from June to November.




Ouro Preto, Salvador da Bahia, Olinda, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro (all UNESCO World Heritage)


Chapada Diamantina, Pantanal, Lençois Maranhenses


Water sports, Horse riding, Trekking, Paragliding, Biking, Golf


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Festa de Iemanjá (Festival of the Sea Goddess)


"D.O.M.: The New Brazilian Cuisine" by Alex Atala, "Brazil, Brazil" by João Ubaldo Ribeiro


Let your soul dangle for a few days in a beautiful Eco-Resorts or a small, fine hotel-fazenda. Enjoy the colonial flair, the contemplative daily routine and the sparkling starry sky far away from any big city.


Country and people:

An ethnic diversity of 205 million people lives on a land area of 8.5 million sqkm: The capital is Brasilia with 450.000 inhabitants. The highest mountain is the 3014 m high Pico da Neblina, the Amazon forms the largest river system in the world.


6 months valid passport for stays up to 90 days.

Climate and travel time:

All year round good travel time, tropical, in the south subtropical temperate climate. Rainy season from December to February with heavy, short rainfalls - in June/July in the south and northeast often rain.




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