Colombia, pearl between the Caribbean and the Pacific, fascinates with its varied flora and fauna between the Andes and the Amazon lowlands, colonial gems such as Cartagena and up-and-coming cities, with the lively capital Bogotá in the first place.

Each region is a world of its own. Colombia is trendy, visitor numbers are growing steadily and the tourist regions are considered safe and can be visited. The national park Tayrona at the wild Pacific coast makes a nature experience of the special kind possible: Whale observation in the time from July to November.

The starting point for a visit to one of the traditional coffee fincas in the coffee region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, is Armenia. Following in the footsteps of ancient cultures, you can walk in San Agustin and hobby dancers will get their money's worth in Cali, the capital of Salsa!




Old Town of Cartagena, Mompox, San Agustín, Tierradentro (all UNESCO World Heritage), Bogotá


Tayrona and Los Katios National Parks (UNESCO World Heritage), Munchique National Park with 500 bird species


Trekking, Rafting, Paragliding, Sufen


Carnival in Baranquilla, Salsa Festival in Cali (Dec.)


"100 Years of Solitude" by Gabriel García Márquez, "At the Beginning was the Sea" by Tomás González


Experience a few days of pristine nature in the Tayrona National Park, "where the jungle meets the ocean", relax, snorkel and dive on the Caribbean island of San Andrés and book a salsa course, a must even for beginners to capture the soul of Colombia!

Culinary delights:

Popayán has been nominated by UNESCO as a city of gastronomy and offers a variety of delicious specialities. A national dish is "Ajjaco", a chicken stew and a regional speciality are the "Hormigas Culonas", roasted leaf-cutting ants.


Country and people:

On a land area of 1.14 million square kilometres live 49.4 million inhabitants (almost 90% Ethnomix, 10% White, 2% Indigenous); capital is Bogotá with 7.9 million inhabitants, highest mountain is the 5,770 m high Pico Bolívar.


Colombian Peso




Passport valid for at least 6 months for stays of up to 90 days, renewable for a further 90 days.

Climate and travel time:

Tropical on the coast and in the north (22-30 degrees, cooler in the highlands, cold from 2400 m). Best season: Dec. to Feb.d 32 degrees