Ecuador is authentic and breathtakingly beautiful. The small country on the equator captivates with its diverse indigenous culture and spectacular Nauter experiences from the Amazon lowlands over the Andes highlands - the Ecuadorian "Andean highlands".

- to the Galápagos Islands with their primeval animal inhabitants who already fascinated Darwin.

Alexander von Humboldt raved about the "Avenue of Volcanoes", today the snow-covered giants flank the Panamericana and can also be explored on a leisurely train ride.

The ethnic diversity of the country is also reflected in the capital Quito (2800 m). The "crown of the Andes" is at the same time the hub for all journeys through the small country, which together with Costa Rica is certainly at the top of the list in Latin America when it comes to "gentle tourism".

Twelve national parks and numerous tourism projects testify to this.




Historic city centre of Quito (UNESCO World Heritage Site), equatorial monument, ruins of Ingapirca, old town of Cuenca (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Qhapac Nan, the old Andean road system from the Inca period, which stretches over 6000 km over the subcontinent.


Galápagos Islands (UNESCO World Heritage) "Avenue of Volcanoes" and the "Oriente" - the Amazon Lowlands


Mountaineering, Trekking, Rafting


Fiestas de Quito (6 Dec.), Good Friday processions and the "Año Viejo" the symbolic burning of the old year, "Fiesta de las Frutas y de las Flores in Ambato


"The widemmel above the Andes: On foot to the Indios in Ecuador" by Carmen Rohrbach


Ceviche de Camarones, hearty stews such as "Loro" or "Fanesca" (specially prepared during Holy Week) and "Seco de Chivo" (goat meat)


Visit a cocoa finca on the coast or in the Amazon lowlands and experience the process from the cocoa bean to the finished product.


Country and people:

16.8 million people live on an area of 256,730 square kilometres. 65 % Mestizos, 25 % Indigenas. Capital is Quito with 2.2 million inhabitants, the highest mountain of the country is the Chimborazo (6310 m). The Galápagos Islands lie 900 km off the Pacific coast.


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Travel documents must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry, for stays of up to 90 days.

Climate and travel time:

Good all year round. Tropical climate in the coastal area and eastern lowlands, temperate climate in the Andes highlands with strong temperature fluctuations of 5 to 25 degrees during the day. Rainy season from Jan. to May. Galápagos rather cool from July to September.

Local time

CET - 5 hours, CEST - 6 hours