The ARGE Latin America offers training to travel agents about the destination Latin America and offers thereby its members various possibilities to present their own products. This creates important multipliers for Latin America in general - and for the individual members - in the entire market.

Every year, the training sessions are planned according the the needs of the market and the members: 
- Roadshows with evening or half-day seminars
- Weekend seminars

For the members of the ARGE Latin America these trainings offer the possibility to present their product individually, according to their needs and budget. The participating travel agents are invited to the seminars by the ARGE Latin America and by its members.


In addition to the German curricula, ARGE Latin America offers full-day seminars on Latin America to vocational and technical schools. "We were together in Latin America" is the learning goal for an intensive learning day for the students. With modern presentation techniques, practical exercises and intensive group work, students are prepared for the destination Latin America. An unusual daily routine at the school, which will remain in the memories of the pupils and students. In addition to general information about the destination, the products of the ARGE members are also the focus of attention in the vocational and technical schools.


ARGE Latin America has already received two awards from the Willy Scharnow Foundation for Tourism for its training activities. In 1991 and 2007, the foundation confirmed that the ARGE did an excellent job in training tourism professionals in Germany and supports the ARGE training courses financially every year.


Our webinars offer an easy and entertaining way to learn more about certain destinations in Latin América: You can watch them whenever you want - free of charge. These tutorials are only available in German.

1.  "With the CHEPE through the copper canyons, western film city Durango and Mazatlán's beaches". Click here for more information:

2. "Campeche - on the trail of lumberjacks, Mayan kings and pirates". The Mexican Tourist Board (CPTM) and Native Trails offered participants new and important information on standard routes as well as unknown destinations in this popular region.  Click here for more information:  

3. "Tequila, Mariachis and dream beaches on the Pacific". opics are: Guadalajara, second largest city of Mexico and homeland of the Mariachis, the place Tequila, with the surrounding plantations of agaves, and the well-known bathing resort Puerto Vallarta at one of the largest bays of America at the shores of the Pacific.  Click here for more information:

4. "Baja California Norte". The webinar focuses on the unknown border region around Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali with one of the best SPAs in the world; the Valle de Guadalupe - a jewel that excites lovers of good wines - and the desert region of the Baja, with unique cactus gardens, mysterious oases and hot spas that invite to a relaxing bath. Click here for more information:

5. Nicaragua - "Morning air between the Caribbean and the Pacific". The original Nicaragua is considered by active travellers and study travellers of all ages to be the "darling" of sustainable Central American tourism.
Historic cities and the relaxed way of life of the friendly population inspire just as much as volcanoes, primeval forests, beaches and the singular Nicaragua lake. The good news: after domestic political disagreements, everyday life in the country has been quiet again for some time.
Andreas M. Gross from ARGE Latin America gives an overview, presents Nicaragua's most popular destinations and, as always, has a few special tips for travel professionals. The seminar is a cooperation between the ARGE Latin America and INTUR (Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo).
Click here for more information:

6. Nicaragua - very different.  Where to go during Corona? Best to Nicaragua, where things are now rather relaxed during the crisis. They successfully practice the “Swedish model” of minimal restrictions with airports and borders still open. The webinar is a cooperation between ARGE Latin America and INTUR (Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo) and provides a compact overview of the highlights of Nicaragua with tangible sales arguments: volcanoes, primeval forests, beaches, the surfing scene and the unique Nicaragua Lake! Original life, vital culture, exciting things about the cultivated bean cocoa and a stunningly friendly population! Nicaragua is simple - really beautiful! - different. Good to know, because some experts believe that this destination is one of the first destinations that Europeans visit in Latin America when long-distance travel is possible again.
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