Pura Vida! This is the Ticos' attitude to life, as the Costa Ricans call themselves, and also the relaxed togetherness that tourists enjoy during a visit.

Costa Rica is experiencing a small boom, and rightly so, at least since its public appearance at the World Cup.

The small green paradise in Central America has everything that nature lovers and especially families are looking for on holiday: Experience, adventure, great landscapes and extremely friendly people.

Countless national parks, volcanoes, fantastic beaches and an impressive flora and fauna guarantee an all around successful holiday feeling.

Panama also has more to offer than the Panama Canal. Visitors can sniff into the world of the indigenous ethnic groups of the Kuna or the Emberá, get to know the Quetzal on a hike through the jungle or relax on one of the islands of Bocas del Torro.




Costa Rica: Gold museum in San José with impressive pre-Columbian gold and jewellery collection and the largest gold nugget in the world. Panama: Panama Canal with Puente de las Américas, Old Town Panama City, Portobelo.


Costa Rica: National Parks Corcovado, Cahuita, Tortuguero, Manuel Antonio, Irazú Volcano, Marina Ballena National Park. Panama: Amistad National Park (UNESCO World Heritage), San Blas Archipelago.


Fishing, swimming, sailing, diving, surfing, biking, golf, horse riding, rafting, trekking.


Festival of San José (19.03.), Costa Rica. Carnival in Las Tablas, Panama.



Discover Costa Rica up close on the Quetzal route! A four-day hiking tour leads from San Gerardo de Dota through the new National Park to the vicinity of El Silencio. You will stay overnight in simple accommodations with the local population. In San Gerardo, by the way, you have the best chances to observe the red-green Quetzal bird.


Country and people:

Costa Rica has a population of just under 5 million (95 % mestizos and whites) on 51 thousand square kilometres; the capital with a population of 1.5 million is San José. Panama has a population of 4.09 million on 76 thousand square kilometres (70 % mestizos, 10 % white, 13 % coloured, 6 % indigenous); the capital is Panama City with 1.5 million inhabitants.

Politics and history:

Costa Rica is a presidential republic, independent of Spain since 1821. Panama is a presidential democracy, independent (as part of Colombia) of Spain since 1821, of Colombia since 1903.



Valid passport for stays up to 90 days (Costa Rica), up to 180 days (Panama).


Mandatory only for entries from yellow fever areas.

Climate and travel time:

Tropical to subtropical climate, in the mountains it cools down to 4 °C at night. The region is well travelable all year round, best travel time in the dry season from Dec. to April.

Local time

CET - 7 hrs./- 6 hrs., CEST - 8 hrs./- 7 hrs. (Costa Rica/Panama).