Hills full of wine and jungle in the north, whales, penguins and glaciers in the south, pampas and tango fever in the heart - at the most beautiful end of the world, the Tropics and the Arctic Circle shake hands.

Argentina is the second largest and most European country in South America, with breathtaking scenic highlights and climatic contrasts. The 4,000 km long Atlantic coast stretches from the mouth of the Río de la Plata to Tierra del Fuego. This is also where the Andes end with their thirty 6.000 metre peaks. Gateway to all regions is Buenos Aires. The Plaza de Mayo is a good starting point to discover the metropolis of millions.

Get infected by tango fever in the harbour district of La Boca or in one of the many clubs! In the Indian-influenced northwest, not far from the borders to Chile and Bolivia, old haciendas and cities like Salta spread colonial charm. Further east in the border triangle with Brazil and Paraguay, the Iguazu waterfalls (translated without exaggeration from the Guaraní "Great Water") impress in the subtropical province of Misiones.

In the south of Argentina, seaside resorts like Pinamar or Villa Gesell herald the end of the continent: Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. The sparsely populated region is the scene of calving glaciers and home to sea lions, penguins and elephant seals. Every year between September and November, hundreds of right whales gather in the bay of Puerto Pirámides (Valdés Peninsula) for calving. The jumps of the more than 15 m long giants can already be seen from the shore!




Cueva de las Manos, Quebrada de Humahuaca (both UNESCO World Heritage), Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Salta


Los Glaciares National Park with Perito Moreno Glacier, Valdés Peninsula, Iguazu National Park and Ischigualasto-Talampaya (all UNESCO World Heritage), Bariloche, Jujuy


Fishing, hiking, trekking, climbing, horse riding, skiing


Festival of Viennese Cakes, Beer and Chocolate Festival in Villa General Belgrano


Bruce Chatwin "Reunion with Patagonia"


Enjoy in Buenos Aires an Asado (grill meal) in a typical steak house ("Parillada"). Recommended is f.e. "La Cabaña" (district La Recoleta, Rodrigue Peña 1967) or the "La Brigada" decorated with Gaucho relics (Estados Unidos 465).


Country and people:

Approx. 41 million, mainly of Italian and Spanish origin. Mestizos and approx. 2% Indigenas. Capital is Buenos Aires with 12.8 million inhabitants, highest mountain is the 6960 m high Aconcagua.


Argentine Peso (ARS)



Climate and travel time:

The seasons are the opposite of European ones. Best travel time for the south is October to March, for the northwest April to October.


For a stay up to 90 days for German citizens visa free.